Vancouver’s 100% clean by 2050 goal called “realistic, achievable”

The City of Vancouver has been getting a lot of global press lately due to its commitments to be the “greenest city in the world”. Late last year city council unanimously approved a bold plan to have all city energy use be 100% clean and renewable by 2050.

As the Globe and Mail reports today, urban planning and environmental experts say the plan is “ambitious but achievable”.

“I don’t think it’s a case of saying, ‘Well, we’re shooting for the stars, and if we get close we’ve made some progress.’ It’s really about having that realistic target and then [pragmatically] moving forward with that,” — Malcolm Shield, Climate Policy Manager, City of Vancouver

The 35 year plan will require retrofits of all city buildings, increasing use of transportation alternatives such as cycling, walking, and transit, a shifting all vehicles to 100% electric. One of the reasons experts are optimistic about the plan is climate change policies have broad public support, and most changes contribute positively to the already high quality of life in the region.