7 reasons to march with us Sunday

Throughout time, marches have changed the course of history — Martin Luther King’s March on Washington set the stage for an end to racial segregation. Gandhi’s Salt March showed Britain the colonial days were over. Sunday’s version of the Global Climate March could be the march of our time to ensure the survival of our entire species, and Ottawa’s could change the course of Canada’s approach to climate.

Here are 8 reasons to get you out Sunday in Ottawa:

1. Seizing the first real momentum we’ve had on climate in Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau is sending all the right signals on climate: meeting with the Premiers this week, sending a large delegation to Paris, making climate a cross-cutting priority for cabinet. We know he will take action on climate – after 10 years dodging the issue it’s hard not to show progress – but we can’t let him get away with weak targets or too loose of a bottom up approach.

Canada needs a bold national climate plan that dramatically lowers emissions and transforms our economy away from fossil fuels, quickly. We now have a plan that would solve climate change, and Trudeau needs to see Canadians are demanding nothing less.

2. We can change the story about climate change, from despair to hope.

Scientists around the world have a settled on number that will solve climate change, and that’s by transitioning to a 100% clean economy by 2050. From Desmond Tutu’s global religions petition to 100% clean campaigns in London, New York, and dozens of cities around the world, more and more companies, cities, even whole countries are settling behind this inspiring common vision.

The more of us who march on Sunday and share this powerful idea in social media, the more people our positive message will reach!

Get on a Bus3. 50 busses! 100 partners! Thousands already registered!

This march has built one of the most diverse coalitions in recent memory in Canada, with major partners from Quebec including environmentalists, labour and citizens groups and national environmental groups, labour, faith and church leaders, scientists, government workers, First Nations, and social justice organizers.

Over 50 busses are filled, bringing people from all across the region, and many thousands have already RSVP’d online. Ottawa is used to smaller scale rallies on Parliament, but this kind of cross-movement, cross-country effort focused on our nation’s capital is rare.

4. The Paris climate talks are actually a big deal

The day after we march, all our governments will meet and could finally agree to take us off a collision course for planetary catastrophe.

After so many years of letdown, its easy to be cynical about yet another UN negotiation on climate. But this one is different: The two biggest emitters in the world (the US and China) are bring already strong climate plans to the talks, Canada is going from deal blocker to deal maker, and more positive news about big business, investors, cities and states supporting an ambitious deal is coming out every day.

5. David Suzuki, free ice cream, food trucks, and DJ’s to start your day!

After you power up on lunch and groove to some tunes, we’ll be sent off on our march at City Hall at 1 PM with short, uplifting talks about climate solutions and the change possible in this time. In addition to David Suzuki, we’ll hear from the Archbishop of Gatineau, the Chief of Kanasatake First Nations, and respected Indigenous elders from Northern Alberta and Baffin Island.

An espresso bar, two food trucks, an electric car display, and FREE ICE CREAM from march sponsor Ben & Jerry’s will also be there!

And to end your day, 4 powerful young women leaders will close the march with speeches from the heart about what climate change and climate solutions mean for their future.


6. Sunshine and 2 degrees!

IMG_3612When we started planning the march we knew we were taking a bit of a risk. Who wants to march in the rain/cold/snow? Well someone up there must be on our side because Sunday’s forecast is for sunshine and 2 degrees! How else would you rather spend your Sunday?

7. Parisians can’t march and have asked us to carry the torch

In the wake of the devastating attacks in Paris, the November 29th climate march during the Paris climate summit was cancelled by French authorities due to security and safety concerns. At this moment, when our voices must be heard by world leaders, global solidarity is more important than ever. Some French citizens have even launched a website asking to be “adopted” by someone who will march for them somewhere else. Ahem!

By showing the world stands with Paris and other victims of both senseless terrorist assaults and climate or climate caused disasters around the world, and we stand together for a future for all of us.

So there you go, 8 reasons why you won’t want to miss this. See you Sunday!