Canadians agree: 100% clean by 2050

Today we stood together on the lawn of our parliament, twenty-five thousand strong, and served notice to our government that a new day has dawned in Canada.

The Trudeau government can lead the transition we need, or it can be swept along for the ride, but Canadians will accept nothing less than 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050.

That transition is 100% possible, and today it seems so close we can almost taste it.

More than a march, today was a celebration of the power we wield when we work together, and a reminder that democracy is about so much more than filling a ballot box every four years.

The crowd-count of 25,000 was verified by an independent statistician from the University of Ottawa, and makes 100% Possible one of the largest marches held in Ottawa in decades.

But if the unprecedented turnout today in Ottawa and other cities across Canada wasn’t enough to convince our leaders that Canadians overwhelmingly want a 100% clean economy by 2050, a new Nanos poll released on Friday ought to remove any doubt.

It found 72 per cent of Canadians think the science of climate change is irrefutable, 79 per cent believe Canada’s international reputation has been hurt by its previous efforts, and 63 per cent would pay more for certain products so Canada can meet its climate commitments.

A whopping 73 per cent agree that “climate change presents a significant threat to our economic future,” marking a wide awareness that the transition to clean energy is not only a moral imperative, but an economic necessity.

Today was only the beginning for the 100% Possible movement, but what a beginning it was!

We have the solutions, and we’re done waiting on our politicians to catch up.

Canadians want to build a 100% percent clean economy by 2050, we know that building clean jobs will strengthen the economy, and we won’t stop until we get the future we deserve.

Only a few years ago, 100% clean would have seemed like a fantasy. Today it’s 100% possible.