We have the solutions

Marching down the sleepy streets of the nation’s capital, the crowd looked like nothing so much as a reflection of the width and breadth of this nation. Grinning toddlers hung from shoulders and peered out from their strollers, Indigenous elders sang and danced, a marching band played on and Canadians of all ages and backgrounds took to the streets with a message of hope.

Change is more than possible, it’s already happening all around us.

The march began in front of city hall with a smudge ceremony and speeches from elders culminating in a rousing call to action from David Suzuki.


Then we were off!

The march paused for a moment of silence in front of the war memorial. We stopped and bowed our head for the victims climate change has already claimed in places like the Philippines, and for our brothers and sisters in Paris.

Throughout the day the central role of Indigenous communities in fighting climate change was highlighted, and Indigenous leaders like Serge Simon and Jerry Natanine led the march.

As we made our way to the gates of Parliament Hill, the crowd’s energy was electric. After so many years of paralyzing doom and gloom on climate we know what we need to do, and we’re ready to do it.

We have the solutions, and the plan to get us out of this mess. We can solve the climate crisis in our lifetimes and leave a livable planet to our children and grandchildren. All we need is for our politicians to listen to our voices.

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was lit up with the words “100% Possible” as hundreds of thousands marched with us in over 200 rallies in dozens of countries around the world.

Around the world, the message was clear: a 100% clean economy by 2050 is possible.

Let’s make it happen.