Media round-up: Our message is everywhere!

All eyes are on now the Paris Climate Summit, as world leaders try to reach a new agreement that will save the planet. We are confident that the voices of thousands of Canadians (and hundreds of thousands worldwide who marched for the climate last week) will be heard.

November 29  was an historic day for Ottawa, which saw its biggest climate rally ever. 25,000 people – families, workers, Indigenous people, climate activists, faith group and students – taking the streets isn’t an event that will go unnoticed in our Nation’s capital.

Indeed, both our march and our positive message about climate solutions has been widely covered in the media, from coast to coast.

CBC news launched an article underlining how our March was one of the biggest and most diverse Ottawa has ever seen.

CTV news talked about the festive spirit of the 100% Possible March, and how crucial our hopeful message was on the eve of the Paris summit.

The Ottawa Citizen released a full article about the March with dozens of photos, interviews with marchers on the ground, and coverage of the colourful costumes and inspiring speeches from David Suzuki and our other speakers.

Reuters, for its part, put a photo the Ottawa March in its gallery of the most impressive Global Climate Marches held around the world that weekend.

More articles:

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Radio-Canada, « Foule monstre à Ottawa pour le climat », 29 novembre 2015

Radio-Canada, « Une marche d’envergure à Ottawa pour le climat », 29 novembre 2015

TVA, « Les Canadiens convergent vers Ottawa », 29 novembre 2015

L’Express, « Contrer la crise climatique: 100% possible », 29 novembre 2015

Many other publications in the Canadian press covered dozen of similar climate actions held across Canada the same day, resulting in hundreds of news articles sharing our message to the newly elected Canadian government: 100% renewable by 2050 is 100% possible. Canada must and can do better in fighting climate change.

Given the widely welcomed new positive attitude of Canada at the climate Summit, we are confident that Canada’s climate justice activist we have been both heard and seen.

Here is the complete media round-up of the week-end: 1.2679245 climate-treaty/