November 29, Ottawa. On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, let’s show our new government that a 100% clean and renewable economy is 100% possible.

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With the election now over, it’s our turn to show our new leaders what bold action on climate change looks like.

Please join us on November 29 in Ottawa for 100% Possible: Marching Together for Climate Solutions and Justice.

The transition to a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 is not only necessary to solve the climate crisis, it’s 100% possible. It’s a vision for a healthy, diverse economy with low-carbon jobs, that respects Indigenous rights, and stops growing the tar sands and building new pipelines. It will lead to a safer, more sustainable, and more just future, for everyone.

It’s time the politics of climate action caught up with the science of what’s necessary. Please join us in Ottawa this Nov 29 for 100% Possible. 

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