25,000 Beautiful People!

25,000 Beautiful People

A huge whoop just went up around the office and the crowd as the official crowd count came in.  25,000 people took to the streets in sub zero temperatures to join our positive call for climate solutions!

They said it couldn’t be done, that people in Ottawa wouldn’t march, that people in Montreal (who do march) wouldn’t make the trip, that Toronto was too far, that “environmental” issues wouldn’t attract workers, christians, students, families, and government workers.

Today 25,000 of us proved them wrong: climate change is the biggest moral issue of our times and the movement to solve it continues to grow each and every month. We know we can’t sit on the sidelines and let the climate crisis continue to unfold around us without doing something about it.

The movement’s strength in Canada is also supported by Friday’s poll released by Nanos research, which found 73 per cent of Canadians agree that “climate change presents a significant threat to our economic future”. The crowd today looked like a cross section of Canada.

Indigenous elders and frontline communities, small children grinning from strollers, teenagers chanting their hearts out, raging grannies, First Nations grandmothers and children, and so many others of all ages in colourful shades of green. Signs were equally split between French and English.

One last thing on the crowd count. Gilles Lamothe, statistician professor at the University of Ottawa, shared his methodology. He used Jacob’s method to estimate the number of people at the Hill. From a photograph, he estimated the surface area that was occupied by the crowd at about 7,550 square meters and also the density of the crowd at about 3 persons per square meter. With the margin of error, he estimated the number of people at the hill to be between 20,385 to 24,915, with a few thousand that left before the marched reached the Hill, 90 mins after the start.

25,000 Beautiful People March for Climate

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