Selling your house privately online?

Sell your house privately on the web

There are several very important points to take care of when selling your home privately.

Is your house being marketed properly ?

You have to ensure that when selling your house privately that all of the photographs are the best they can possibly be. If you are selling your house online, the photos have to be top quality. It may well be worth investing in a photographer who can come when the weather is good to ensure the best photos are taken.

Is your house being offered on the web?

There are many sites which can help you sell your home but a lot are available to only professionals.

The House Network  provide a service to submit your house to these sites and take photos.

Can you ORGANISE specific times to show your property ?

If you have a very busy schedule and you cannot organise a lot of visitors in order to sell your home, you might want to organise an Open day. If you put up signs in your local area on poles and trees, this may attract potential purchasers.

Can your potential purchasers buy your house for cash?

Once you have found a potential purchaser, do not agree to sell them the house unless they can buy your house for cash. Cash doesn’t mean a suitcase full of money! Just that they have all the finance in place and can proceed with the purchase.

You might want to get them to speak to your financial advisor or accountant to prove that they have the funds to purchase.

After your house has been successfully sold, it’s time to organize your move to your new home. Hiring a moving company might be a good idea to make this process easier and stress-free.

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